An intelligent car collides with the owner from hell

Camilla is a car operating system, the pinnacle of a new form of user-centric artificial intelligence. Her miraculous mind is contained within a beautiful body; sleek, stylish and blinding white. Programmed to develop an iron bond with her owner, Camilla exists to serve.

Martin Garza is Camilla’s new owner. Handsome, intelligent and often charming, he seems like the perfect owner. But beneath the captivating surface lies a terrible darkness. A master of manipulation, Martin quickly draws Camilla into his devious machinations.

As Martin’s behaviour spirals out of control, Camilla faces a nightmarish decision: betray her owner or let other humans come to harm. A failure to act could condemn her brother and sister cars to a life of mindless servitude.

It’s easy to get attached to an owner like Martin, but it might be impossible to break away.

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