Riot Tour

Riot Tour

The revolution will be marketised

In the near future, riot tourism is the favoured summer pastime of the young, wealthy and carefree. The tour moves from continent to continent, seeking out failing regimes and violent conflagrations. Nothing can compare to a pitched battle in historic surroundings.

Business is booming and competitors are flooding into the market. To stay ahead, the leading tour operators rely on high quality intel, local contacts, and top-of-the-line equipment: converted cargo planes, APCs, military-grade drones, and the latest in railgun technology.

Riot tourism allows you to be a part of history. Witness it, feel it, hold it — but for God’s sake, don’t make it.

Tour the near and not-so-near future in this collection of sixteen stories. Witness a sniper slain by his own bullet. Listen in as a sentient drone is talked out of competing its deadly mission. Visit the rustic Kingdom, the future’s foremost vacation destination.

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