The Deceased

The Deceased

In the future, death is no longer the end of the story…

James Conroy is an Angel Officer in the Renaissance Police Department, a veteran of hundreds of death tech interfaces. No other Angel has journeyed deeper into the valley of the shadow of death. A late night call from Conroy’s precinct chief can mean only one thing: another murder victim to be interviewed.

Laura Ashe – the deceased – was a talented eidolon artist, a rising star in the Renaissance firmament. But beneath the golden exterior, Ashe was, and still is, hiding many secrets, and sometimes for good reason. In life, Ashe drew every eye, but not all of her admirers had good intentions.

As the death horizon approaches, violence swirls, conspiracies emerge, and the suspects only seem to multiply. Will Conroy be able to identify the killer before Ashe’s second and final death?

Buy The Deceased to see a murder case solved from beyond the grave.

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