The King’s Automata

The King's Automata

For those that enjoyed the Epic of Gilgamesh and Game of Thrones

Ancient Mesopotamia, the time of three legendary cities. Babylon, Gate of the Gods; Nineveh, the dark heart of the Assyrian empire; and the Nameless City, a vibrant meritocracy ruled over by a ruthless, godless king.

Entesh, a young farmer from the provinces, travels to the Nameless City. He rises rapidly in the royal court, propelled by his burning ambition and no little intelligence. Encouraged by the king, he works in secret to harness the intellectual power of the city’s greatest minds. Foremost among them is the Maker, creator of the famed automata.

As Entesh moves closer to the apex of power, danger swirls around him. The king is visited by a series of assassins, infernal machines are unleashed, and the war drum beats ever louder. Old enemies plot and scheme in the shadows, and new powers rise in the vast expanse beyond the Fertile Crescent. But the greatest threat of all may come from beyond the realm of men.

History reaches a juncture. Will the future be forged in the fires of technology, or will the gods retain their power over mankind? Heroes will fall, great armies will collide, and nightmarish prophecies will come to pass. With the stakes so high, can Entesh hold on to his humanity?

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